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Private Beach Rentals, Mexico

secluded castaway, exotic escape and adventure

1 hour boat ride from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
No hotels, no cars, no souvenir shops;
not even a sleepy fishing village here,
just the silence of
and the
hypnotic sounds of the sea...

Private Beach Rentals. Secluded beachfront near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

..."nothing typical of a resort here, just prime barefoot beach romance. It's the secluded Mexico we all dream about but never seem to find."

Our Private Beach Rentals are located on the secluded beaches along the picturesque seaside of Bandera's Bay one hour boat ride from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. If you seek adventure travel mixed with solitude, peaceful escape in accord with comfort, if you love pristine private sandy beaches and being one-on-one with nature, you will find it all in Los Chonchos Beach.
Our Private Beach Rentals are the fine crafted bungalows. Patios and decks are facing the ocean displaying the magnificent views of Banderas Bay.

Our bungalow accommodations include private full bathroom with hot shower, solar power electricity, hand crafted furnishings, a queen bed, and of course hammocks inviting you to relax. From the interior of our beach bungalows unobstructed ocean views will take your breath away.

Are you looking for a Private Beach Rentals tropical beach adventure travel? How about jungle trekking, whale watching, swimming with gigantic manta rays, sea kayaking, snorkeling with innumerable colorful fish around the rocks, or better yet, in the nearby cave?

If you are looking for a tropical private beach adventure travel or just to relax at the secluded eco retreat, we invite you to stay with us.

We are one of those secluded castaway Private Beach Rentals that must be experienced to be fully appreciated.

Private Beach Rentals Mexico


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