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Los Chonchos manager/cook Alfanso will be waiting for you at the beach when you arrive.

What is the minimum time we need to get from the airport to Boca de Tomatlan?
Because the car traffic in Puerto Vallarta might be very congested, an hour by a street taxi to catch 3pm water taxi in Boca de Tomatlan is only a point of reference to be used after you exit the airport. Unless your plane is scheduled to land before 12:45pm we highly recommend you stay in Vallarta the first night.
Puerto Vallarta airport is very busy with most flights landing, often with delays, between 1-3 pm which also slows down getting through the immigration checkpoint.
Please note: The Morning Water Taxi versus the Afternoon Water Taxi, both to and from Los Chonchos is more reliable in all weather conditions 7 days a week every day including all holidays.

Returning from Los Chonchos to Puerto Vallarta
The water taxi returns to Boca de Tomatlan twice a day. The pick up time from Los Chonchos is about 10 am and about 4 pm. Since typically the waves are smaller in the morning, we recommend you leave on the 10 am water taxi.

Tips on arriving at the airport.
Puerto Vallarta’s airport is simple to navigate through and out.
After you leave the customs, you will be approached by the officially dressed people who are time share salesmen and tour reps. They are forceful. The best line to use with them is “I live here”, and keep walking.

Can you suggest a good place to eat near the airport?
Walk outside the airport and cross the highway by the walkway bridge. At the end of the bridge look for a small restaurant “ Taco de Marlin “. They serve only, but the best In Vallarta, always fresh seafood burritos.
Yellow Taxies are right there as well.

What are my transportation options in Puerto Vallarta?
Street Taxies are the best way to move within the city.
We also have an airport pick up service that is in line with "airport to hotel white taxi service"; You will have an opportunity to arrange this service before your arrival.

There are two kinds of Taxis in Vallarta, and both charge by the zone, not by using a meter.
Always ask for the fare charge before you get in to a taxi.
White Taxis at the airport are the only ones permitted to operate from the airport. These taxies are twice as expensive as Yellow Taxis. The fare to El Centro is about 200 pesos, and to Boca de Tomatlan about 450 pesos
you may check White Taxies rates here:
Yellow Taxis are everywhere. They can drop off passengers at the airport but they can’t pick up passengers.

Tip: You can pick up a Yellow Taxi near the airport. Outside the airport, cross the highway by the footbridge. There are usually a few Yellow taxies waiting for the travelers who know this option.
The fare to El Centro should be about 120 pesos, and to Boca de Tomatlan about 250 pesos.

Once you cross the footbridge, the best seafood burritos in Puerto Vallarta at Taco de Marlin Restaurant are right there.

Do you have a recommendation for a hotel to stay in Puerto Vallarta?
Hundreds of Puerto Vallarta hotels cater to the American tourist.
We suggest to stay in the El Centro, Romantic Zone.
You can find hotels here:

If you prefer a B&B/Boutique Hotel Casa de los Monos is a very nice, excellently operated option.

El Centro's "Malacon" is really beautiful and filled with great energy.

On your return from Chonchos, 10 minutes to the airport the new Comfort Inn
is very clean, has good beds, the internet, a swimming pool and includes breakfast.
However, you would need to bus or taxi about 15 minutes if you wanted to be in El Centro for dinner.

Boca de Tomatlan Tips
Boca de Tomatlan is a very small beach port for water taxies and small boats. Beach restaurants serve meals and drinks. Check your bill; in Boca, tip is usually included in your total.
Have an insect repellent handy to apply to your feet and calves against the sand fleas in Boca. Do not pet dogs in Boca. They are very friendly with eyes to melt your heart, but they carry fleas.

Are pets allowed?
Los Chonchos operates under a very strict ecological Mexican Law not allowing pets on the terrain of our colony.

What is the drinking water situation?
Although the drinking water quality in Mexico is a common concern, the water quality both in Puerto Vallarta and in Los Chonchos meet the American standard.
Our water comes from the mountain stream. In eight years, no one ever became sick.

How can we get provisions?
While in Vallarta buy alcohol you like, and a few initial groceries. Beer and provision can be obtained by taking the short hike to Chimo where there is a store and a restaurant. You can also order items from the on site cook/manager. For a small fee, he will bring them the next day.

What is the laundry situation?
Should you need to have some laundry washed, in the evening the manager will take it to Chimo, and have it cleaned for a reasonable fee.

Are all bungalows the same?
Each decorated individually by the owner, all homes are built from the similar floor plan, however each varies in the deck size, one bungalow is a studio home, two have an open bedroom space. Your reservation will be booked according to what is available for your dates.
All bungalows are amazing, all are crafted with a wonderful sens of the beautiful local traditional building techniques mixed with touches of the american expected comforts. Each home is set allowing a fantastic ocean views. All are located 1-3 minute walk to the Main Beach or Small Beach, and 5-10 minutes to the Swimming Beach (see map).

How can I communicate back to USA and Canada?
Blackberries and IPhones work for both email and cell service from our beaches. We have a good cellular reception in certain spots, however wether your devise works depends on your service provider.
Check with your provider for your available international services and roaming charges.

Do you offer any package deals?
We do not offer any special package deals unless you will rent for over one month.

How safe is Puerto Vallarta and Los Chonchos?
Very safe. You do not need to be concerned about crime. Just keep an eye in Vallarta and Boca de Tomatlan on your belongings like you would traveling anywhere else in the world since opportune petty theft, like anywhere is targeted at tourists. In Los Chonchos, keep your valuables locked when you leave the bungalow.

How important it is to protect my electronics?
All your electronics and your documents should be packed in a water proof bag for your boat ride, and the wet foot beach landing.

Can we rent a sea kayak?
The kayak is available for all our guests free of charge.
We have life preservers.


Can we rent snorkeling gear?
No. If you plan to snorkel, please bring your own gear.

What are the fishing options?
Please bring your fishing equipment for spearfishing or to fish off of the rocks and from the kayak. The bait used by the local people is called "viudas negras" (the black crabs) running arround on the oceanfront rocks. We can get one of our workers to help with the bait.

I am a vegetarian, can I order vegetarian meals?
A perfect vegetarian option in Mexico is a bean based diet. Mixed with fresh fruit and vegetables it provides a healthy option for a vigan or a vegeterian.
Beans, rice and corn tortillas are the staple foods in Mexico, and they are always available.

How private are your beaches?
Although Mexican law doesn’t allow closing off any beaches, our secluded location allows our beaches the privacy that is seldom found. Our beaches are not a destination for any one outside our development.

Is any of your beaches designated as a nude beach?